Glossary of Truss and Trade Show Terms Page 1 – Trade Show Exhibit Booths

Truss Trade Show Displays

Commonly used Terms and Definitions for Exhibit Truss Displays and Trade Show Booths

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Aluminum Truss

  • Aluminum truss is fabricated with chords (the larger outer/profile tubes) and webs (the little tubes in between. It is not truss unless the webbing is used for triangulation. The advantage therefore becomes using minimal material, while providing a high degree of strength. Long spans can be made with aluminum trussing. Don’t be fooled with other metal fabrications claiming to be truss.

Truss Monitor Stands

  • Truss monitor stands are small, portable and free standing aluminum truss kits that a TV mount can be easily attached and clamped to for holding the weight of a Plasma TV, LED TV, or LCD Screen up to 55″.

Plasma Mount

  • A plasma TV mount is a plate that is clipped or clamped to aluminum truss. This mounting plate then attaches to the back of a television for digital advertising displays.

Truss Tables and Podiums

  • Aluminum Truss Tables and Podiums come in the form of our lecterns and podiums as well as our TV stands and customer service kiosk stations. These are lightweight aluminum truss kits that are higly portable and can be transported easily to any trade show venue or speaking event to deliver presentations and display print information for potential clients at convention centers or trade shows.

Trade Show Displays

  • Truss Trade Show Displays come in many forms. We offer aluminum truss trade show displays because aluminum is the best material for the job.  Trade Show Displays should be lightweight and easy to set up and transport to any trade show venue. Trade show displays are a method of showcasing company products and advertising to attract clients.

Trade Show Exhibit

  • Truss trade show exhibits are aluminum truss systems and structures with modular truss components. Typical sizes are a 10×10 Trade show booth, a 10×20 trade show booth, and a 20×20 trade show booth.

Truss Design

  • Truss design refers to trade show booths made with aluminum truss components. There are a wide range of creative opportunities when designing with truss for exciting and attractive trade show displays and functional structures. You can make just about anything you can think of. We can also custom fabricate anything to suit your needs.

Lighting Truss

  • Lighting truss refers to aluminum truss that is used to hang and support lighting and moving heads in the form of a truss archway, trade show exhibit booth, finish line, or any truss structure.

Hybrid Trade Show Displays

  • Hybrid Trade show displays use metal frames to create a trade show display, often small and not exceeding 4′ of a stand alone structure. Don’t be fooled about hybrid trade show displays claiming to be made of truss. Often, these types of displays use steel, which is heavy and can rust over time, without any structural integrity and lack of any triangulation.

Truss Trade Show Exhibits

  • Truss trade show exhibits are trade show displays made with lightweight and durable aluminum truss. Truss is made with chords and webs, where the welded webs provide triangulation and strength with minimal use of material, resulting in a lightweight, yet strong portable trade show display. aluminum truss is the perfect choice for trade show exhibit design.

Tension Fabric Display Truss

  • Tension fabric display truss is any truss structure where fabric, typically used for company logos and banners, can be attached or wrapped around for company promotion and advertising.

Stage Truss

  • Stage truss is larger profile truss that is load bearing for supporting lights and other stage accessories. Stage truss can be constructed into archways, typically used for DJ booths, or into larger structures, in which lights and moving heads can be attached.

Truss Curve or Truss Radius

  • This refers to a curved or circular section of aluminum truss. Curved or circular aluminum truss comes in square truss, triangular truss, and flat truss in all profile dimensions. Various radius dimensions are available, we can create custom lengths and radius dimensions.

Powder Coating

  • Powder coating is a type of coating that is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder. The coating is typically applied electrostatically and is then cured under heat to allow it to flow and form a “skin”. Powder coating provides a stronger finish that is more resistant than paint. (See Wikipedia)

Truss Connection Pin

  • Truss connection pins, or connection inserts spigots, are used to connect pieces of truss together. An truss piece comes with one set of inserts. The bolts or screws are taken out of the other side, the connecting truss part slides over the exposed inserts, the bolts and screws are fitted in the holes and tightened. Don’t be fooled by conical connectors that leave a sharp pin sticking out that can get caught on clothing and don’t last due to constant hammering.

Coupler Connection

  • Coupler connections or couple clamps are used to attach accessories to tubes of aluminum truss. Couplers can be used to attach TV mounts, or welded on single tubes for banner supports.

Oversized Base Plate

  • Oversized base plates are used when a truss structures requires a large base plate for more stability, for example with larger finish lines and truss arches and truss entranceways.

Outrigger Legs Outrigger Arms

  • Outrigger arms are a detachable part, or group of parts, that are attached to existing truss systems with extender hooks or couplers. Outrigger arms provide more stability to a truss structure, archway, and finish and start lines. These can be guide wired or have sand bags put on them for racing situations.

Monitor Mount

  • Monitor mounts, or TV mounts and LCD mounts, are a piece of hardware or plate, usually with couplers bolted to it, that attaches to aluminum truss tubes oriented in a vertical or horizontal direction. TVs are then screwed to this plate (tv mount).

Flat Pack Truss

  • Flat pack truss refers to flat packing ladder (flat) truss. Ladder truss is available in all of our profile widths (6″, 9″, 10″, 12″, 18″, 24″ wide truss). Flat pack truss makes transport easy and cost effective and allows packing into a small pile.