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Truss Design

Truss Design

Truss can be used for designing Finish Line Kits, Trade Show Booth Displays, Archways, Sign Walls, and Retail Kiosks.

Aluminum Truss is a versatile product and provides creative opportunities  for building attractive trade show displays, finish line kits, decorative structures, and functional structures. Just about any size and shape of structure can be fabricated using modular aluminum truss components. LDS and EDT also offer custom truss fabrication, giving you the freedom to get your truss design right without the extra charge.  We also have the capability of making curved and circular aluminum truss structures.

Truss Design Circular and curved aluminum truss.
Aluminum Truss can be used to create curved truss trade show booths. EDT best source for truss design and aluminum truss.

Truss is a suitable material for building this wide variety of display structures because it is reliable, durable, and lightweight. It can be easily transported. It can support weight and cover large spans.