Curved Truss Aluminum Truss Circles and Truss Radius Sections

Custom Curved Aluminum TrussTruss Circles and Radius Sections

We fabricate custom aluminum truss curves, truss circles and truss radius section to your specifications. Aluminum truss is not limited to linear pieces of truss. We can create circular display and lighting truss to any size you like. Curved 4 chord / box truss, Curved 3 chord / triangle truss or curved 2 chord / flat truss. Hang lights and LED TV and plasma mounts above a retail kiosk and add a curved element to your trade show truss and custom trade show booths to make it stand out form the straight lines, taking “Think Outside of the Box” to a new level. There are endless possibilities when incorporated curved/circle aluminum truss into your display systems.  Curved/Circular aluminum truss is available in any radius, truss profile size, and truss shape (ladder, triangle, box) and can be incorporated and attached onto any trade show display system or finish line with standard truss hardware.

EDT Custom Curved Aluminum Truss is made to your specific needs. Fast and cost effective.

LDS offers curved trussing and hardware to assist and provide presentation solutions. Add excitement and impact to special events and stage productions while ensuring the highest level of safety and value. EDT products give you functional tools with our curved and circle aluminum truss to enhance any event or trade show display booth. LDS offers straight and curved sections, corners, base plates, clamps, totem kits, accessories, and quickly assembled Goal Post and Arch Kits. Our truss sections are made of 6005-T6 aluminum alloy. All our custom truss is fabricated and inspected to maintain the highest quality and safety standards possible.

Decorative aluminum truss circles and curved aluminum truss at great prices.

Contact us today and let us fabricate custom aluminum truss curves and custom truss circles to meet your specific needs. It fast and cost effective.
Make your exhibition come to life with our aluminum truss and the addition of some curved truss or truss circles.

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