Lecterns and Podiums

Aluminum Truss Lecterns and Aluminum Truss Pulpits.
Light Weight, Attractive and Modern. Choose from our large selection of Aluminum Truss Lecterns and Podiums

A lectern, or podium is a freestanding platform with a space for notes while a speaker makes a presentation or speech. Traditionally, lecterns were large and bulky pulpits or made from acrylic, which is heavy and lacks durability and marks easily over time when transporting or moving around. High quality, attractive aluminum truss podiums and lecterns have an open structure, are lightweight, and portable. They are perfect for travelling and moving around a stage by even the smallest of adult or child. Aluminum truss lecterns and podiums serve a variety of public speaking applications such as house of worship sermon or church furniture for presentations. Public speaking and press conference situations. University lectures or schools ceremonies and presentations. Trade show presentations, product demonstrations and other types of speeches.

All lecterns, except when noted, come standard with Natural Aluminum Mill Finish.

To Upgrade to one of our standard powder coat paint finishes for $250.00. 

Upgrade to Powder Coat Finish in 9 Standard Colors:



1. Gloss Black     2. Yellow     3. Blue     4. Sparkle Silver     5. White     6. Matte/Satin Black     7. Red     8. Matte/Satin Silver     9. Metallic Charcoal Grey (Textured Finish)


Exhibit and Display Truss.com lecterns and podiums are simply the best truss lectern and truss podiums on the market. Field proven and always an attractive, exciting look on any stage.

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