Aluminum Truss Trade Show Displays, Exhibits and Convention Booths. Custom Aluminum Truss Fabrication.

Light Design Systems has over 30 years experience and a huge wealth of knowledge in products, services and customer care.
Aluminum Truss Trade Show Displays, Exhibits and Convention Booths. Custom Aluminum Truss Fabrication.
We work hard to provide you “The Right Stuff” and our aluminum truss displays are second to none.
Our history in the sound and lighting industry has provided us many insights into thousands of businesses and day to workings of peoples lives and product needs. Aluminum truss displays and exhibits for trade shows and convention booths has become our focus and we strive to meet the needs of customers perfectly with every order. We can custom fabricate just about anything you can imagine using our aluminum trussing and trusses. We never settle for ordinary and we always provide customers with the best flexibility in the trusses, parts and junctions used to configure their truss display booth. Museum displays, retail environments, kiosks, finish line or starting line systems. If you can imagine it let us help you create it and bring your vision to life. See common terms and language used to describe trade show exhibit and display systems in our glossary.
We stock hundreds of standard pre configured truss systems but we are always ready and able to custom make or alter anything to meet your specific needs.

We’ll work hard to earn your business and your trust. Let us know how we can help.

Truss Display Kits

Our Aluminum Truss Displays are “The Right Stuff” We are the #1 Truss Trade Show Exhibit and Display provider. Over 30 years of professional portable custom and pre configured, in stock exhibits and displays for use at conventions and trade show events. Don’t get stuck with off the shelf cheaply made, mass produced “fake truss” or heavy steel items from offshore distributors and dealers that can’t be altered or changed to suit your specific needs. There’s no reason to compromise, we’re here to help. Let us provide you exactly what you want. It’s inexpensive, fast and easy.
Our aluminum trussing systems for trade show and conference centers are cost effective and we consistently supply some of the best priced, quality truss displays on the market. We always strive to provide value added services and customer support in every exhibit and convention hall display booth. We create 3D CAD style renderings and 3D models of your trussing structure as well as technical drawings with weights and dimensional information. If the company your dealing with is not able to provide you the 3D drawings and technical information on your truss system then you are dealing with the wrong company.
Let us earn your business, we’ll work hard to understand your needs and provide you the best truss for trade show display. We’ll work hard to get it right. We provide the best customer service in the industry, give us a try and see why we have “The Right Stuff” for every task you’ll ever do with aluminum trussing systems and truss products.

Aluminum Truss

We manufacture the nation’s #1 decorative load bearing aluminum truss in 6 profile sizes or widths. 6″ wide, 9″ wide, 10″ wide, 12″ wide, 18″ wide and 24″ wide and all our trussing systems have a huge range of standard corners and junctions to compliment the line. 2 inch chords with 1/2″ webbing and 1 inch chords with 5/16″ webbing. Trade show display booths, convention hall exhibit booths and retail kiosks.
We can custom fabricate truss into anything you can imagine with any of our trussing profile sizes. Let us create the perfect display booth or exhibit booth for your Trade Show or kiosk. We always provide you with “Right Stuff”. Portable trade show booths and truss kits are a very important part of your overall display needs and choosing the Right Stuff for the job is critical. Don’t be fooled by offshore products claiming to be truss as there are many steel frame systems made to look like truss but lack the strength and light weight flexibility of our aluminum trussing products. 10′ x 10′, 10′ x 20′ and 20′ x 20′ standard booth sizes along with a full range of trade show displays and exhibits. Trade show exhibit displays are our specialty but are by no means all we do. Museum exhibits and retail environments. Night clubs and houses of worship and churches. Over 30 year in the trade show and convention exhibit industry has made us one of the best trade show display manufactures in the nation. Finish line systems and start line systems have fast become a popular item and we have climbed to the top of the race providers list for quality. well designed and clever trussing gantry systems for racing event and marathons. Browse our site or give a call today. We’ll see you are taken care of fast and professionally. Let us help with your next project.

Accessories & Hardware

Lecterns or podiums. Base plates, clamps, quick clips, out riggers, banner frames, signage mounts and other accessories along with our inexpensive custom truss fabrication make our aluminum trussing products the perfect metal framing structure for all your trade show exhibit needs. Museum installations, night clubs and house’s of worship can all take advantage of specialized hardware for our aluminum truss products to get the job done right. If it’s just a flat screen mount or free standing retail display we’ve got or we can create it. We’re here to help just let us know how.

The Right Stuff

The best truss is the best suited truss for the application.
We manufacture many sizes and shapes with a huge range of corners and junctions to create just about anything.
We’ll work with you and your team to help you figure out the best trussing for your needs and make your design come to life.

We always provide you with “The Right Stuff”.

Our You Tube Channel has the largest selection of truss parts and instructional videos online.

We offer a huge variety of our trade show display truss systems and portable truss booths online and create anything you like at no extra charge for “custom” configurations.
Search our site with the search feature at the top right hand corner of the page and browse through common Trade Show Display terms in our Glossary. We work in partnership with Exhibit and Display Truss to supply our customers the best aluminum truss displays, exhibit booths and stage lighting truss in the Nation.
Browse our website for more information on our aluminum truss displays, products and services. Contact us with any questions we’re here to help. Aluminum Truss Trade Show Exhibit Booths, Trusses and Kiosks Custom designed and ready to ship off the shelf.  We offer 4 different sizes of truss to fabricate exciting and cost effective exhibit booths and exhibit structures for your trade show display as well as amazing portable finish line and starting line structures and systems. Including an unmatched selection of individual trusses and exhibit booth accessories. 24″, 18″, 12″ 10″, 9″ and 6″ truss in flat truss , triangle truss and box truss or square truss.  Aluminum Truss Exhibits for Trade Shows and Displays – Our illustrated 3D renderings of the most popular, cost effective and exciting exhibit designs make it fast and easy for you to shop for trade show displays and truss structures. You can customize your own solution from our wide selection of trade show displays and exhibit booths. We offer a huge range of aluminum truss structures for trade show displays and exhibits by selecting from a wide variety of stock and custom corners and truss lengths to create exciting truss system structures that stand out in a crowd. The high tech look of our aluminum truss is a popular choice these days but creating a cost effective and versatile display is often a huge effort. At Exhibit and Display we have put together our most popular designs and layouts and packaged them up so you can make an informed well thought out selection that will suit your needs and budget with the click of your mouse. If you can’t find the portable truss you’re looking for, we can design and fabricate almost any truss structure you need by simply sending us a sketch and giving us some details on your situation and ideas. Our service is second to none and your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Find the right product or have questions just let us know, we're always here to help.

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