18” Wide Aluminum Truss| Stage Lighting and Rigging Truss Stocked In: Box / Square, Triangle and Flat / Ladder

18″ Wide Aluminum Stage Lighting and Rigging Truss for Special Events and Convention Halls.

Using industry standard 2″ chords and 1/2″ Webbing this light weight but heavy duty lighting truss is extremely functional, attractive and modular. 18″ Stage lighting truss is load bearing using our standard male insert connection as well as AV joints for extra stiffness. This AV joint helps on long spans where deflection becomes a potential problem. Exhibition trade show display truss is usually for decorative purposes but every now and then a customers design requires a very wide open span. This is where the 18″ Stage lighting trussing becomes a valuable tool.  It can be used for any exhibition display booth or exhibit hall display for convention centers or convention halls and it’s commonly used for lighting situation to support moving lights and other entertainment based items such a s speaker arrays. This heavy duty aluminum truss provides more than adequate strength and hanging power for projector screens, speakers cabinets, moving lights, LED TV’s and Flat Screen TV’s as well as your sponsors’ banners and promotional back drops and curtains. All our standard hardware for truss using 2″ chord will work fantastic on the 18″ wide truss. We manufacture truss in 2 chord flat, 3 chord triangle and 4 chord box truss. We can custom make any specific elements you may need to enhance your rig. Our 18″ wide aluminum truss make a great convention hall truss system and this strong, attractive linear trussing is perfect retail environments where the modern design and high tech style of aluminum trussing is required. It always looks great in any showroom or demo area.
It’s extremely strong and normally exceeds most customers needs in load bearing capabilities. It makes for a beautiful display when assembled and connected to create your vision and support your lighting fixtures, speaker arrays and signage.  EDT 18″ wide aluminum exhibit truss is durable, light weight, fast to assemble and extremely strong. 
It’s the most attractive aluminum stage lighting truss on the market.

See the complete specifications for 18″ truss here >   18″ Display Truss specifications.

Long spans in open areas of stores and retail environments look fantastic with this beautiful display truss kit system supporting and hanging store fixtures and products. Theatre applications and House of Worship using our 18″ aluminum display truss gain a high tech styling that only our trussing product can provide. IT’s very decorative and provide a huge range of support for lighting and other stage instruments. It’s matched by no other product available. It’s inexpensive compared to the larger truss by touring truss companies and it packs easy and it’s lighter to transport. Be sure to take a look at our 18″ truss before making your stage lighting truss purchase. This aluminum stage lighting truss in an 18″ profile size could be answer to your all your lighting, rigging and touring problems.

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Important Information Regarding Apex Orientations for Triangle Truss

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