10’ x 20’ Trade Show Exhibit and Display Kits

10′ x 20′ Trade Show Exhibits and Convention Booths. Let us Create the Perfect Exhibit or Display.

Choose from our below in stock 10′ x 20′ trade show booth display systems. We can also build custom trade show booths to suit your needs.

10′ x 20′ trade show booths are one of the most popular convention hall floor plans world wide. One step up in size from our 10′ x 10′ trade show booths. The standard exhibits below are in stock and ready to ship and will fit into a 10′ x 20′ display booth area or convention floor space.  This popular convention booth size is cost effective and provides a larger area for more products or services to be displayed or integrated into and exciting modern design or trade show display layout.  See our Glossary for common terms used to describe trade show display systems. There is more square footage for ipad stations, laptop stations, information kiosks, lcd and plasma screen mounts, as well as banner frames and sign frames. Use several smaller banner frames and back wall displays to create a larger exhibit that uses a modern aluminum truss display concept. These display truss booths have a wide range of styles and display truss applications including auto show display truss, retail display and lighting truss, as well as tradeshow truss systems and custom truss fabrication booths and exhibits.


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Any design element can be created with our huge range of stock aluminum truss parts and catalog. We can quickly and inexpensively custom fabricate and other truss you may need to see your  vision come to life. The perfect trade show display or trade exhibit booth is important so don’t settle for sub standard prepackaged offshore items claiming to be truss. Our high quality aluminum truss is strong, light weight and attractive. We work with you to provide the most flexibility of your modular framing systems part and components. This ensures not only the perfect display the first time but allows for a change of design that makes sense and is exciting every time you need a change.

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We’ll create 3D drawings and technical drawings so you know exactly what you’re working with and have all the information required to move forward with the rest of your tradeshow exhibit needs.
Trade shows displays are a lot of work and we always try to make it easy when it comes to selecting the right design concept.

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