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Peninsula Booth

Aluminum truss peninsula Trade show booths B36-64. It is a standard Trade Show Booth 10 x 20. One of our best reviewed trade show booth displays.  Made from 6″ wide aluminum mini truss, and all parts are no longer than 4′ long, allowing it to break into a small pile that is easy to transport and lightweight. Browse our wide range of trade show booth design ideas and custom exhibit booths:

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A peninsula booth is defined as two or more booths facing an aisle. A peninsula booth is an island exhibit attached to the end of a row of in line linear booths.

Standard Peninsula Booth for Trade Shows
Standard Peninsula Booth for Trade Shows

This booth is perfect for a variety of trade show booth supplies. It can also be turned around making a back wall for signage, and leaves a space for product displays in the middle. There are two types of Peninsula Booths:  (a) one that backs up to Linear Booths, and (b) one that backs up to another Peninsula Booth and is referred to as a “Split Island Booth” (for more specifications, visit here). We also offer a wide range of standard exhibit hall trade show booths.

6" Wide Aluminum Truss • 1" Chords / 5/16" Webs

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If you cant find what you are looking for out of our standard systems or parts, do not hesitate to ask for a custom length or size. Connection inserts (and hardware) come standard with each truss part, allowing for a quick and easy assembly of your portable exhibit booths. LDS is the best source for trade show display ideas. The A33-102 portable truss arch can serve a variety of a display truss. It canbe used as lightweight lighting truss, back wall for metal truss trade show displays, or trade show backdrop.

Truss components are constructed of square, triangular or flat pieces. All of our truss structures are designed for ease of assembly and available in a number of designs and sizes. Our truss systems contain easy truss to set up and take down.

How To Assemble a Truss Structure

Aluminum Truss display booths A21-64 uses 6″ wide aluminum truss. All 6″ Wide (1″ Chord/Tube Diameter) aluminum truss parts use the 1″ tube connection insert, which is an expansion style insert.  This type of connection system eliminates protruding bolts, adding to the clean look of aluminum truss display booths.

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