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Founded in 1979 , Light Design Systems began producing products. Aluminum truss, trussing and trade show display booths and finish line systems are now our most popular items. One Light Design Systems first of many successful products was a lighting control system. With a strong knowledge of theatrical and touring needs, LDS set out to design and manufacture a compact and inexpensive line of lighting control equipment to compliment the existing range of stage lighting products used for the production and touring industry. The need was never greater as the North American market had little to offer. With this in mind, the overall concept of a simple but reliable product line was put into play.
The first product released was the SP-1500 foot switch system. An 1800 watt/3 channel foot operated switching system, this product was received with open arms and sold very well based on its ease of operation and quality construction and design. The success of the SP-1500 led to the immediate design and release of the DS-3000, a 6 channel dimming system. This system was to become the most common lighting control system in Canada and performed to rave review across North America. The DS-3000 system consisted of a 6 channel, two scene control console with two 1800 watt/3 channel packs. All cables were provided making this a turn key system for the end user. LDS soon realized that a larger and more advanced stage of lighting control and dimming was needed and set out to build what would become the single most popular club and small tour dimming and control system in the country. The DR-12000, the LC 12-8 and the LC 24-14. The DR-12000 rack mount dimmer is a 12 x 1.2K analog dimmer. It was built to be operated by the LC 12-8 (12 channel / 8 scene console) or the LC 24-14 (24 channel / 14 scene console). Again with the concept of simple operation, these units flourished and became the industry standard for 12 & 24K systems. With very little or no warranty problems, LDS gained the confidence of the Canadian & International markets and soon became the reputable company it remains today. This new found stability led to many custom and high profile projects. Still today, LDS does custom or special projects in many fields of the entertainment industry.

Aluminum Truss Fabrication by LDS
Custom aluminum truss fabrication by LDS
We can create aluminum truss structures of any shape and size. Fast, reliable and strong. Our Aluminum Truss kits and Beautiful Displays can be seen across the nation in trade shows and museum installations.


Aluminum Truss

Aluminum truss and trussing systems have grown to be the main focus of our business. With a huge product line and custom fabrication of virtually any aluminum item, our customer base has spread across North America. We supply a huge range of customers with truss structures and aluminum trussing for museum displays and installations, trade show displays and convention display booths, finish line and starting line systems, stage lighting rigs as well as so many other structural projects. Light Design Systems is a manufacturing based company with over 30 years in the making. It is our commitment to the customer to provide responsible product support and quality designed equipment and products.  We knew very early that it was our privilege to serve your needs and our customers deserve only the best in customer support. We work very hard on every inquiry to provide the best insight and value to customers. We appreciate your interest in our products and value your feed back and input. Light Design Systems now offers a huge variety of tradeshow displays booths all with different structural designs and we have many sizes to create your beautiful display or truss kit ideas and most importantly providing quality north American made aluminum truss system to fit with your budget. LDS uses Exhibit and Display Truss as it is designed to meet the needs and requests of industry world wide. We have become the nation top provider and supply “turn key” aluminum truss display booths and truss kits at a reasonable price with value added options that exceed our customers expectation for performance every time. With over 30 years experience we set out to fabricate and design cost effective, exciting aluminum truss structures for architectural stage lighting and focused on the trade show industry.  This has spread into a huge range of industries and genres truss is used in. If you already have a creative idea for your aluminum trussing system it’s never a problem, we simply the best choice in north America for custom aluminum truss fabrication. Full custom aluminum truss structures designed to your creativity are always welcome and we work hard to bring your ideas to life. Great customer service, high quality products, and ease of assembly are our priority and our promise. Feel free to contact us about any questions you might have so we can make your truss selection or production needs a smooth and easy process. We also supply signs, banners, curtains, flat screens with mounts, and many other accessories to spice up your trade show truss display. We ship to almost any location in the world and you can expect inexpensive, fast, and reliable delivery. At Light Design Systems we provide “The Right Stuff” we don’t try and sell you what sitting on our shelf. We work hard to get you the perfect product at the right price be cause that’s the right tool for the job. Thank you for your interest in Light Design Systems

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