Truss Kits for Trade Show Exhibits and Display Booths. Portable Exhibitor Display KiosksAluminum Truss for Trade Show Display Booths and Convention Hall Exhibits Kit: A49-64 / Linear Booth Trade Show Display

Linear Booth Trade Show Display A49-64

Linear Booth

This truss trade show display conforms to the standard in-line Linear Booth specifications laid down by most trade show guidelines. A linear booth is a standard exhibition booth size and one of many types of trade show booths.  Linear Booths have one side exposed to an aisle are generally arranged in a series along a straight line. They are also called “in-line” booths. This tradeshow display also fits into a 10’x10′ standard booth size. The A49-64 can also be used to hang company banners, banner support arms, lights, shelves, and other trade show accessories.

By adding a few small parts, this booth can also be reconfigured into the A21-64m, a standard perimeter booth (as shown below).

Kit: A49-64 / Linear Booth Trade Show Display
6" Wide Aluminum Truss • 1" Chords / 5/16" Webs

Approximate Kit Weight = 220 lbs

Compact and Versatile Trade Show Truss Systems

This Linear Booth (In-Line Booth) trade show truss system is a standard exhibition booth size and conforms to exhibition stall measurements and trade show guidelines. Other types of standard trade show booths are:

Peninsula booths

Island Booths

Split Island Booths

Perimeter Booths

Visit here to see a complete list of guidelines relating to standard trade show displays and specifications. Don’t hesitate to contact us and speak to our customer service team. Our customer service team has over 30 years of professional experience. If you have an idea for a booth design, call us, or email a simple drawing or idea and we will be happy to help you design the best display booth to suit your needs. We offer a wide range of booth sizes and shapes. Some of our booths are in stock, but if you cannot find what you are looking for, we can custom fabricate anything you like to suit your needs. Exhibit and Display Truss and Light Design Systems offer a wide range of truss components, truss parts, and truss accessories as well. 

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