9” Wide Aluminum Truss Aluminum Display Truss Stocked In: Box / Square, Triangle and Flat / Ladder

9″ Wide Aluminum Display Truss for Exhibition Exhibit Display Booths

Using our field proved 1″ chords and 5/16″ Webbing like the 6″ Min truss this light weight and very stable truss is load bearing but not over powering in size. Decorative 9 inch trade show display truss can be used for any exhibition display booth or exhibit hall display for convention centers or convention halls. This mid sized truss provides plenty of hanging power for LED TV’s and Flat Screen TV’s as well as your companies products and display items and furniture. The same as our 6 mini truss our connection system has no intrusive or protruding hardware and uses our clean and easy to use expansion insert connection system. This is perfect retail environment trussing and look great in any showroom or demo area.
It’s extremely strong and exceeds most customers needs in load bearing capabilities and it’s a  beautiful finished display grade look when assembled and connected. 
1″ Chords with 5 / 16″ webbing, this truss is durable, light weight, fast to assemble and unexpectedly strong for it’s size.

See the complete specifications for 9″ truss here >   9″ Display Truss specifications.

Retail environments look fantastic with this beautiful display truss supporting and hanging store fixtures and products. Home theatre application using our 9″ aluminum display truss have a high tech style that it match by no other product available. The mini truss is perfect! In expensive compared to the larger truss it packs down smaller and it easy to transport. Be sure to take a look at mini truss before making your display truss purchase. This aluminum exhibit and display truss profile size could be answer to your all your exhibition exhibit display booth problems.

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Important Information Regarding Apex Orientations for Triangle Truss

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