Glossary of Truss and Trade Show Terms Page 2 – Truss Start Line Archway Systems

Truss Trade Show Displays

Commonly used Terms and Definitions for Exhibit Truss Displays and Trade Show Booths

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Modular Truss

  • Modular Truss is truss used that can be easily expanded or modified over time. Modular truss refers to less custom and a more standard use of parts. Modular Truss Systems are long lasting because parts can continuously be added or taken away to make a variety of truss system sizes and shapes.

Collapsible Truss

  • Collapsible Truss is aluminum truss that is modular and portable, and packs down easy and sets up easy. Collapsible truss is very easy to transport, as it often breaks down into a small pile that is lightweight and easy to manage.

Aluminum Truss Systems

  • Aluminum Truss Systems are modular truss systems that can be used for Trade show displays, finish line kits, retail kiosks, and truss aches and entranceways. Aluminum truss systems come in almost every shape and size you can imagine, thanks to our custom fabrication capabilities.

Custom Display Truss

  • Custom Display Truss refers to custom truss fabrication. Custom Display truss fabrication gives the freedom to create any shape or size of display truss booth, finish line, or retail kiosk. If you have a specific dimension that you need to fit, custom display truss allows that to be built exactly at no extra charge (here at LDS and EDT).

Custom Truss Trade Show Booths

  • Custom truss trade show booths refers to trade show displays that are custom in size and shape, and made to fit a client specific design.

Exhibit Truss

  • Exhibit truss is aluminum truss used for trade show exhibit booths. It is often lightweight, durable, and attractive aluminum with a high tech appearance.


  • Kiosks are small, portable structures in public areas that provide services, display information, advertisements, and can also include digital advertisements with TV monitors. 6″ wide mini truss is perfect for kiosks.

Modular Display Booths

  • Modular display booths are display exhibit booths at trade shows and convention centers that are modular, meaning they can be continuously modified and expanded.

Trade Show Booth Kits

  • Trade show booth kits are often modular kits that pack up and break down easily and neatly into a small pile that is lightweight and easy to transport to different trade show venues.

Perimeter Truss

  • Perimeter truss is linear truss used to outline trade show booth areas. Typical sizes for perimeter trade show booths are 10’x10′, 10’x20′, and 20’x20′. We offer plenty of perimeter display booths in all profile dimensions and shapes. Perimeter booths are the most common type of trade show display and fit within trade show standards and guidelines.

Entrance Ways

  • Truss entrance ways are portable truss arches that are used to frame a trade show display or hang banners and signage. Truss entrance ways show sponsorship banners to the public fast.

Finish Lines

  • Finish Lines are portable truss archways that can be easily transported to about any site. A better alternative to inflatable finish lines, truss finish lines are durable, lightweight, and can be continuously expanded to accommodate more banners over time. Our truss finish lines have been field proven with customer reviews and we offer some of the nations best finish lines.

Box Truss

  • Box truss has a square profile. Box truss consists of 4 Outer Tubes/Chords and smaller tubes/webs in-between. Box truss is very stable and durable and our premium profile of truss. It is used when stability and the bold appearance of truss are desired.

Curved Truss

  • Display truss that is manufactured in any radius or full circle. Here at Exhibit and Display Truss and LDS, we have the ability to custom fabricate curved and circular truss to your specifications.

Exhibit End Caps

  • Exhibit End Caps are used for transporting aluminum truss to protect the ends that mate together.

End Cap Booth

An end cap booth is exposed to aisles on three sides and composed of 2 booths.  They are a minimum of 10′ deep.  An End Cap Exhibit Booth is essentially back to back corner exhibit spaces that are combined to make one 10’x20′ booth facing an aisle.

Truss Braces

  • Truss Braces are single tubes of aluminum that clamp onto large truss structures, providing additional support and stability. Truss braces are optional accessories and can be attached after a truss structure has been assembled.

Truss Cord

  • A truss chord is the larger main longitudinal tube on a length of aluminum truss. Truss cords are held together with welded webs (smaller tubes) which triangulate and give strength to aluminum truss.

Expansion Inserts

  • Expansion inserts are used in our 6″ wide aluminum mini truss. Expansion inserts are used to connect 2 pieces of truss together. Expansion inserts expand in the mating ends of truss when the screw is tightened, providing a strong connection with no tolerance and no protruding bolts for clean looking trade show displays.

Graphic Clip

  • A graphic clip is used to easily mount and attach company banners on a truss trade show display.

Insert Truss

  • Insert truss is an aluminum insert that spans across a mating joint of two pieces of truss that is used to assemble and connect pieces of truss together. Insert truss increases strength and stability in all truss structures.