Modular Display Booths

Modular Display Booths

Constantly Reconfigure your Display Truss Booth with our Modular Aluminum Truss

Modular display booths are display exhibit booths at trade shows and convention centers that are modular in their construction. This means that modular display booths and expo systems can be constantly modified, reconfigured, and expanded over time.

All of our modular display booths are made from lightweight, modular aluminum truss components. Here at LDS we have plenty of standard and in-stock modular aluminum truss systems to choose from. We have perimeter display booths and other varied shapes that fit into standard trade show display booth sizes:

10×10 Trade Show Displays    |    10×20 Trade Show Displays    |    20×20 Trade Show Displays

A perfect example of Modular display booths are with our C21-104 Truss Display. This booth is a 20×20 trade show booth. When parts are taken away, it becomes a 10×20 Trade show display, and a 10x1o trade show booth.

Convention display C21-104. 20' X 20' trade show exhibit booth. 10" wide box truss. Modular Display Booths.
Convention display C21-104. 20′ X 20′ trade show exhibit booth. 10″ wide box truss. aluminum truss trade show exhibit booth and convention center display booth

If you cannot find what you are searching for within our in-stock trade show displays, we can custom fabricate truss into specified dimensions or shapes to suit your needs. We also have the capability for curved and circular aluminum truss structures.