Modular Truss

Modular Truss – Continuously Modify and Expand Truss Systems

Modular truss allow trade show truss systems to be continuously modified and expanded over time. Parts can be subtracted and added to create different sizes and shapes of truss systems.  Don’t settle for  used aluminum truss, and instead get exactly what you want and buy a long lasting modular truss system that is customized to suit your needs and can always be modified by adding more parts.

Truss Display Kit: A21-104. 10' x 10' booth size. 10" wide aluminum box truss.
Truss Display Kit: A21-104. 10′ x 10′ booth size. 10″ wide aluminum box truss. Aluminum truss trade show booths

The A21-104 10×10 Modular Truss Trade Show Display (Shown Above) can be expanded into a 10×20 trade show display and a 20×20 trade show display by adding more parts. This gives you many options for every trade show need and standard size. If you buy the 20×20 trade show display, you essentially have 3 booths in 1. The parts can be used to make whatever size of display booth that you would like.