Expansion Inserts

Expansion Inserts

Expansion Inserts make Clean looking Truss Displays with no protruding Bolts.

Expansion Inserts are used with out 6″ wide Aluminum Mini Truss. They are used to connect 2 pieces of aluminum truss together. This type of connection insert expand in the mating ends of truss when the screw is tightened. This provides a strong connection with no tolerance and no protruding bolts, resulting in a clean looking truss display.

Click below for a an instructional Video on Youtube.

Expansion Inserts for 6" Wide Aluminum Mini Truss
Expansion Inserts Connection system for 6″ wide mini truss that leaves no protruding Bolts.

Expansion Inserts and associated hardware comes standard with each truss part. These inserts are only available with our 6″ wide aluminum mini truss and 9″ wide aluminum truss. Alternatively, if you are working with 10″ wide and 12″ wide truss, the 2″ connection insert is required.