Exhibit Truss

Exhibit Truss

Exhibit Truss refers to truss used for truss display systems exhibiting products, exhibit design, product displays and trade shows and convention centers. Ideally, exhibit truss is lightweight, durable, and attractive aluminum truss  with a high tech appearance that is easy to transport from convention to convention. Truss display booths are the perfect way to promote your product and create an interactive space for people to find out more information about products. This can take the shape of large trade show displays (20×20 booth sizes), or smaller customer service style kiosks. Display truss can be used for large and small designs. We offer a wide range of profile sizes

We offer a variety of exhibit truss systems and aluminum truss parts. Our 6″ wide aluminum mini truss is perfect for product displays and exhibit displays because of its attractive and clean appearance with the absence of protruding bolts. We offer sizes up from 6″ wide aluminum truss all the way to 24″ wide truss.

Aluminum truss kits are versatile and can be used to hang truss lighting, shelves, racks, and promotional banners to help exhibit products.

Aluminum Truss is the best choice for a truss booth display because of its appearance, functionality, and ease of set up and transport.

Exhibit truss is versatile, high tech in appearance, and lightweight
Toyota using exhibit truss for product displays at a trade show convention.