Box Truss

Box Truss

Box Truss Profile Drawing Box Truss Definition
Box Truss Profile Definition

Our Premium and most Durable Line of Aluminum Truss

Box Aluminum Truss, or square truss, has a square profile. Square truss consists of 4 outer tubes/chords (the larger tubes) with smaller tubes/webs in-between for triangulation and durability. Square truss is very stable and durable because of the extra chords. Square truss is used  when stability and the bold appearance of truss is desired.

We offer square truss in all of our profile sizes. All of our truss components complete with one set of inserts and necessary hardware.

The most common sizes for square truss are 6″ wide truss, 10″ wide truss, and 12″ wide truss. All of our box truss dimensions and specifications can be found below.

6″ Wide Square Truss   |   10″ Wide Square Truss   |   12″ Wide Square Truss

4 Chord Box Truss, or Square Truss.
Box Truss is our premium and most durable line of truss. When strength and the bold appearance of truss is desired