4 Chord / Square / Box Truss

6″ Wide Aluminum Box (Square) Truss Parts

Browse our vast library of standard 6″ wide mini truss parts below. If you cant find what you are looking for, we can custom fabricate parts to suit specific needs.

6″ wide aluminum box (square) truss consists of 4 chords/tubes at 1″ diameter. Box truss is perfect for larger Display Truss Systems.  4 Chord Box truss is extremely durable and can cover large spans and has an attractive bold appearance. Perfect for all trade show truss systems, retail kiosks, retail and office environments, museum exhibit lighting display truss, and circular booths. All of our aluminum truss parts come standard with inserts and hardware, so there is no need to order the inserts.  All of the parts below come with instructional Youtube Videos. Easily attach clamps, clips, and couplers to box truss to hang trade show accessories and shelves.

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