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Truss Trade Show Displays
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Commonly used Terms and Definitions for Exhibit Truss Displays and Trade Show Booths

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Truss Display Systems

  • Truss Display Systems are exhibit truss kits that are used for trade show booth exhibits all around the world. Aluminum Truss is the best product to make truss display systems because of its light weight and durability.

Booth Displays

  • Booth Displays are Trade show Kiosks or Trade Show Booths at convention centers that are used to display company information and products. Advertising, signage, banners, and TVs are usually present to help with promotion

10×10 Truss Booths

  • 10×10 Truss Booths are standard trade show booth size, along with 10×20 and 20×20 Truss Booths. A 10×10 Truss Booth has a perimeter of 10 feet on all sides and is used for smaller product displays

Exhibition Booth Displays

  • Exhibition Booth Displays are Displays housed at convention center trade shows and vendor booth displays. Tradeshow booth displays are used to show and interact with company products.

Truss Trade Show Displays

  • Truss Trade Show Displays are trade show displays made from modular aluminum truss components. Aluminum truss is the best choice for constructing trade show booths because of its strength and durability. Aluminum Truss is also very lightweight, making it ideal for transport and cost-effective to ship and will not rust.

Truss Exhibits

  • Truss Exhibits are Trade Show Exhibits, Museum Exhibits, and other exhibit design constructed from aluminum truss. Truss exhibits can perform a wide range of functions, and truss is the perfect choice for any display as it easy to work with and transport.

Truss Booths

  • Truss Booths are truss exhibits and exhibit truss kits made from aluminum truss. Don’t be fooled by “faux truss” which is not durable and usually made from steel, which is heavy, sharp, hard do manage, and will rust over time. Exhibit and Display Truss is the best place for quality aluminum truss.

Trade Show Booths

  • LDS offers a wide range for trade show booths for sale. Browse our massive library of pictures of trade show booths and trade show booth graphics. With over 30 years of professional experience and excellent customer service, let us get you exactly what you ask for. We have both standard trade show booths and custom booths at no extra charge.

Trade Show Booth Lighting

  • Trade Show Booth Lighting is a great way to add a professional look to your trade show display. Whether small LED trade show booth lights, or larger lights, we offer a wide range of clamps and accessories to add trade show supplies to your booths.

Trade Show Booth 10 x 20

  • A Trade Show Booth 10 x 20 is a trade show booth that fits within a 10′ x 20′ area, usually in the form of a perimeter booth, which outlines the area in linear truss. 10’x 20′ trade show booths are the most common size because of its midsize. Can be changed to 10’x10′ booth with modular components.

Trade Show Booth 20 x 20

  • A trade show booth 20 x 20 is a trade show booth that fits with a 20′ x 20′ area, usually in the form of a perimeter booth, which outlines the area in linear truss. 20′ x 20′ can be reconfigured into smaller exhibit booths by taking away pieces of modular truss parts.

Digital Menu Boards

  • Digital Menu Boards eliminate having to physically change menu items. We offer aluminum truss structures to accommodate digital menu boards and for building video walls. These can be made to any shape or size for food kiosks, vendor booths, and trade show booths.

Show Booths

  • Show booths are display exhibit booths at exhibit halls or convention centers. Show booths display company products and logos and provide an environment that people and clients can test and interact with products, seeing them first hand.

Truss Products

  • Truss products refers to any accessories for a truss system, whether that is attachments such as racks, shelves, tvs, and clamps, or tools to help build a truss system. Here at LDS, we sell a wide variety of truss clamps and accessories to mount and clamp onto your truss system.

Custom Trade Show Booths

  • Custom Trade Show Booths are trade show booths that contains any customized part or junction or dimension. Custom Trade Show booths contain stock/standard parts, as well as custom parts. LDS sells a large range of standard trade show systems and custom exhibits.

Exhibit Truss Banner Stands

  • Exhibit Truss Banner Stands free standing aluminum truss banner frames and sign holders. Aluminum truss banner stands are lightweight, yet durable, and can be packed down small for easy transport and storage. We can create any size banner stand if you cannot find what you are looking for from our standard banner stand selections.

Peninsula Booth

  • A peninsula booth refers to a booth facing a cross-aisle, or an island exhibit booth attached to the end of a group of in-line linear booths. Peninsula booths can house banner display and product displays. Peninsula booths must be accessible from 3 sides.

Standard In-Line Linear Booth

  • “Linear” Booths are generally arranged in a straight line and have neighboring exhibitors on the right and left, leaving one side of the booth exposed to the aisle. Corner Booths are inline booths at the end of a series of in line booths.

Island Booth

  • An island booth is defined as a block of booths completely surrounded by aisles. Also referred to as a “Freeform Booth”. It is an open area of exhibit space with aisles on all 4 sides. An island booth must be accessible from all 4 sides, and there must be see-through visibility from all 4 sides.

Perimeter Booth

  • A perimeter booth is a linear booth that backs to a wall of the exhibit hall that than to a another exhibit. 12′ is the maximum height for a perimeter booth.

Retail Display and Lighting Truss

  • Retail Display and Lighting Truss refers to any smaller kiosk or booth used to display products using racks, shelves, tabletops with space for signage and banners and other promotional media.