Truss Exhibits

Aluminum Truss Exhibits for Showcasing Company Products

Truss Exhibit are trad show exhibits, museum exhibits, and other exhibit designs constructed from aluminum truss. Truss Exhibits can perform a wide variety of functions, and truss is the perfect choice for any display as it is very easy to work with and transport. Truss exhibits can be used to hold truss lighting, banners, flag poles, and other company advertising. All of our exhibit truss systems are made with aluminum truss. We off standard sizes of exhibit design, as well as custom truss fabrication for any size or shape booth to suit your needs. Don’t settle for a rental trade show truss booth that will not last and will not be exactly what you want. This costs about the same as it does to purchase aluminum truss kits from us that can be constantly built upon in the future or reconfigured into different sizes and shapes. Designing a truss exhibit display is an fast and effective way to showcase your company product. Truss provides an easy environment to build and gives a professional looks to any trade show exhibit booth.

Truss Exhibits C31-103.
Truss Exhibits C31-103. Large Trade Show Booth Display for Banners and other Truss Accessories. Media Tower for Banners that can be seen from anywhere in a Convention Hall.

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