Perimeter Booth

Perimeter Booth

A perimeter booth is a linear, inline booth that backs to a wall of the exhibit hall, rather than to another exhibit. Perimeter Booths have a 12′ maximum.

Perimeter Booth Specifications
Perimeter Booth Specifications

Perimeter Trade Show Booths uses linear truss to outline trade show booth areas. Perimeter Truss displays are the most popular trade booth style and are perfectly suited to hang banners, truss lighting, racks and shelves, banner backdrops, and trade show booth supplies. LDS offers a wide range of in stock perimeter truss booths:

10×10 Perimeter truss booths   |   10×20 Trade Show Exhibits   |   20×20 Exhibition Display and Trade Show Exhibit Booths

Perimeter Booth A21_104 . Standard 10'x10' Trade Show Display Booth
Perimeter Booth A21_104 . Standard 10’x10′ Trade Show Display Booth
Perimeter Truss Trade Show Booth 10'x20' Truss Kit B21-104
Perimeter Truss Trade Show Booth 10’x20′ Truss Kit B21-104

Other Standard Trade Show Booths Include:

Peninsula Booth    |    Island Booth    |    Standard in-Line Linear Booth

If you cannot find what you are looking for or would like to alter a perimeter booth, create custom parts, and fill specific dimensions, we offer custom truss fabrication services at no extra charge. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be happy to answer any questions to design the perfect display.