Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Boards

Aluminum Truss Digital Menu boards, or video walls and digital signage displays, is a great way to showcase menu items for any vendor booths, food kiosks, industry use, fast food restaurants, or trade show booth. Digital menuboards, and LED screens or LCD screens, eliminate the need to physically change out menu items. Let LDS help you design any structure to fit your vendor booth and customer service area.  The truss structure shown below is made from flat ladder truss, which is easy to install and packs down into a small pile. TV mounts, or monitor mounts, can then be attached to the truss tube fast for simple and easy menu board mounting.

Aluminum Truss Structure for Digital Menu Boards
Flat Packing Aluminum Ladder Truss Structure for Digital Menu Boards. For food kiosks, vendor booths, and fast food restaurants.


LCD Mount/LED Monitor Mount for Digital Menu Boards
LCD Mount/LED Monitor Mount for Digital Menu Boards. Can be used for trade show booths, food kiosks, vendor booths, product displays. This mount makes it fast and easy to mount TVs and Monitors.

We can create any shape, size, custom dimension you require. We can create more elaborate designs if you require. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information. Our monitor mounts can hold screens up to 65″.

Aluminum truss is the perfect product for mounting digital menu boards because it is durable, professional looking, modular, lightweight, and unobtrusive. Whether this is a permanent setup or for a trade show vendor booth, aluminum truss is an ideal choice.