Tension Fabric Display Truss

Tension Fabric Display Truss –┬áTrade Show Promotion

Tension Fabric Display Truss is any truss or tubes that fabric can be stretched over or wrapped around to display company logos or banners. Tension fabric display truss must be durable to withstand the wrapping, and therefore must have webs in-between the larger chords for triangulation, as seen as below:

Aluminum Truss Diagram
In order for it to be “truss”, the material must consist of larger tubes or “chords” and smaller tubes or “webs” inbetween which provide the triangulation, which stops the truss and structures from imploding.

Tension fabric display truss can be used for “halos”, or circular structures above stretch fabric trade show displays, that a tension fabric is stretched around, revealing a banner from all sides. Tension Fabric Display Truss offers a visually pleasing way to display company promotional material and logos above a stretch fabric display booth. Fabric display truss can also be used for trade show fabric backdrops to help promote your company.

Tension Fabric Display Truss Rapala Trade Show Booth
Tension Fabric Display Truss is truss used to stretch fabric around or wrap tension fabric around to display company logos above a trade show booth or finish line