Aluminum Truss

Aluminum Truss – The Best Choice for Trade Show Booths and Finish Lines

Aluminum Truss is fabricated with outer chords (larger tube) and with webbing in between. The Webs provide triangulation for load bearing support.  The inherent rigidity of triangles allows structures to made using the inherent properties of a triangle without having to rely on the rigidity of connections. As seen below, the rigidity of a square is absent. Unless a diagonal brace is  added, making two separate triangles, only then does it become rigid.

Square Truss
An un-triangulated square lacks rigidity and can rack. With truss structures, without webbing, the structures will implode.

As seen below, when the webs are inserted in-between the chords, more strength is added, no matter what direction the load is put on.



Unless you see webs for triangulation, you are probably not using truss, and instead using something that is masquerading as truss for its superior quality of durability and strength. Clues that you are not using truss might be:

– Webbing is absent.No spans longer than 4 feet.

– If there is a large span, there are multiple legs to hold the span up.

– Bottom brace along the floor, without it the structure would fail.

– Made of steel, which is hard to manage, heavy, cheap, and will rust over time.

Benefits of using Aluminum Truss for Trade Show Systems and Finish Lines

– Aluminum Truss is Lightweight and Durability

– Modular Aluminum Truss Systems can be constantly reconfigured and expanded by adding more parts. Aluminum truss systems are therefore more long lasting. All parts are modular, allowing different shapes and configurations of aluminum truss display booths can be made to suit your needs.

Aluminum is a recyclable and green material.

– Aluminum truss display systems are easy to set up and transport.

– Aluminum Trussing can cover large spans, used for truss lighting without any interrupting legs, which cannot be done with other hybrid structures claiming to be truss.

– Here at LDS and EDT we offer a wide range of aluminum truss kits and profiles including square truss, triangular truss, and ladder (flat) truss. We offer 6″ mini truss, 9″ wide truss, 10″ wide truss, 12″ wide truss. 18″ truss, and 24″ wide truss (For stage truss and more load bearing support)


To View our aluminum truss parts for sale and for technical information regarding our truss products, click the links below:

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