Truss Curve or Truss Radius

Truss Curve or Truss Radius – Curved and Circular Aluminum Truss.

Available in Box, Triangular, Ladder, and any profile width or size.

Aluminum truss is not limited to linear lengths and pieces, but can also be used for curved truss design. We can create a curved, or circular section of aluminum truss. A truss curve or truss radius comes is available in 4 chord / Square truss, 3 Chord / Triangular truss, and 2 Chord / Flat Ladder Truss, in all profile dimensions. Various radium dimensions are available and we have the ability to create custom lengths and radius dimensions depending on your design needs. A truss curve or truss radius can set your trade show booth or truss display apart and can be used for decorative purposes or functional purposes, such as for curved lighting truss, museum exhibit displays, and for mounting cameras. There are endless creative possibilities when working with a truss curve or truss radius. Add a curved element above a retail kiosk or a trade show booth, and hang lights or mount LED TVs and monitors. Circular and curved aluminum truss can be incorporated or attached after the fact to any existing trade show display.

Truss Curve or Truss Radius used for Auto Show Truss Display
A variety of applications can be done with a truss curve or truss radius as seen here as auto show truss display