Stage Truss

Stage Truss  |   Stage truss for Stage Lighting, Rigging, and Touring for Concert Events

Stage Truss is heavy duty lighting truss used for touring, rigging, concert events. We off 24″ wide stage lighting  truss in box truss, tri truss, and Ladder (flat) truss. 24″ wide aluminum truss kits can also be used for a truss system if the stronger and bolder look of aluminum truss. Stage lighting truss has more load bearing specifications and can cover longer spans. Our 24″ wide stage truss also comes with AV joints, which are easy to use and provides extra stability and helps with deflection where the longer spans are concerned. Typically, lighting truss is made from steel, which is very strong, but not easy to manage. We fabricate aluminum truss, which is easy to manage, transport, and set up.  Along with our 18″ wide aluminum truss, our 24″ wide aluminum truss is the most attractive lighting truss for sale.

Stage Truss. 24" Wide Stage Aluminum Truss
Stage Truss. Our 24″ wide stage lighting truss is durable, load bearing, lightweight, and easy to transport to different venues. Stage truss is used to support stage lighting, complete longer spans, and used for concert events.

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Stage Truss. 24" Wide Aluminum Stage Lighting Truss.
Stage truss is load bearing and lightweight and used for covering longer spans