Truss Connection Pin

Truss Connection Pin – Assembling Truss and Connecting Truss Together is made fast and Easy at LDS Light Design Systems

A truss connection pin, or connection insert spigots, are used to connect pieces of truss together. All of our truss parts comes with a set of inserts, so you do not need to purchase them separately. ┬áDepending on whether you are using 2″ chord truss or 1″ chord truss, the bolts or screws are taken out of one end of the truss connection pin, the connecting end of the mating piece of truss slides over the exposed insert, and the bolts and screws are put back in and tightened, providing a strong connection that is easy to manage. Visit our Youtube Channel for 100’s of instructional videos regarding our aluminum truss products. Click here for a video on connecting truss.

Assembly Instructions for 2" Tube Connection Insert System. Fast and Easy to Assemble. M10 Nylock nuts and bolts
2″ Tube Connection Insert System perfect for creating a beautiful display. 10″ wide and 12″ wide aluminum truss

Our connection insert systems are easy to manage, unlike conical connectors, that leave a sharp pin sticking out that can get stuck on clothing and will not last because of consistent hammering.

If your truss system uses 2″ chords, we can also provide you with quick clips, which eliminates the need for tools when using a truss connection pin. Instead, the quick clip pin is inserted through the bolt hole and snaps into place.

Exploded View of Quick Clips on Truss
Exploded view of Quick Clips on Truss. Quick Clips are used with standard inserts. Only fits 2″ Tube.