Oversized Base Plate

Oversized Base Plate РFor Increased Stabilization with Finish Lines, Truss Systems, and Portable Truss Archways

An oversized base plates are used when truss display systems and finish lines and portable archways require more stability. Shown below is a 3 Chord Reinforced base plate:

Oversized Base Plate for Added Stabilization
Oversized Base Plate for Added Stabilization. Used for finish lines, portable archways, and other truss display. Do not hesitate to contact our staff if for custom truss fabrication.

Often with truss archways, truss entranceways, and finish lines, the footprint is not as large, and therefore have the potential to tip. In these scenarios is where an oversized base plate would be used to increase the footprint and ensure the truss systems do not tip over. This is typically used with banner displays, trade show backdrops, and truss arches.

We have the ability to custom fabricate any truss structure design or idea you have in mind. If you require an oversized base plate, do not hesitate to contact our staff, and we can custom fabricate a larger base plate to accomodate your display needs at  no extra charge.