10" Wide Aluminum Truss Kits

Portable Truss Trade Show Systems and Truss Starting Lines made from 10″ Wide Aluminum Truss

Aluminum Truss Display Kits made from 10″ Wide Aluminum Truss serve a wide variety of display truss applications. 10″ wide aluminum truss is perfect for finish lines and truss starting lines, trade show exhibit booths, truss archways and kiosks. 10″ wide aluminum truss is our premium and most popular line of truss. It has a well proportioned appearance and provides a high degree of support. The perfect mid range size, it serves a wide range of creative truss display ideas, is still lightweight, and extremely durable. We offer a wide range of perimeter booths, peninsula displays, island booths, and many other shapes and sizes. Easy to transport to trade show conventions and other venues. 10″ wide aluminum truss can also be used for banner frames and sign frames.  If you cannot find what you are looking for below in our instock trade show display booths, then please don’t hesitate to ask about custom truss fabrication. We can easily alter a booth to fit a specific dimension you require, or can create a custom display truss design.

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