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FL-1 Cost Effective Race Equipment

The Fl-1 is the perfect Finish Line Kit and Starting Line Kit on a budget. The FL-1 is our most stripped down and basic finish line, thus making it a cost effective piece of race equipment. The FL-1 is made from triangle truss, which also has the benefit to nesting together while packing for cost-effective shipping and easy transport to any race event site. A banner can easily be attached. The outrigger arms are there to stabilize the finish line structure. This finish line can be used as running race equipment, it can be used for bike equipment, and dirt bike racing gear.

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FL-1 Finish Line on a Budget / Cost Effective Race Equipment
10" Wide Aluminum Truss • 2" Chords / 1/2" Webs

Approximate Kit Weight = 105 lbs

The Best Reviewed Portable Finish Lines for Marathons and Race Events

Finish/Start line kit FL-8 race starting line.  Exhibit and Display Truss offers a wide variety of truss parts and finish line accessories. Exhibit and Display Truss stocks standard parts and race events kits and also has the ability to build custom parts and booths if your project requires unique configurations. If you cant find what you are looking for out of our standard systems or parts, do not hesitate to ask for a custom length or size. Connection inserts (and hardware) come standard with each truss part, allowing for a quick and easy assembly of your start finish line kits. Exhibit and Display Truss is the best place to buy Finish and Start Lines. We have designed finish line Structures for the Pan Am Games and many different racing events similar to IronMan. Choose from our wide variety of start finish line ideas!

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