Truss Kits for Trade Show Exhibits and Display Booths. Portable Exhibitor Display KiosksBanners, Signs, Signage and Media Frames Kit: A41-103 / Truss Entranceway Archway Systems

Truss Entranceway Archway Systems A41-103

Truss Entranceway Archway Systems A41-103. This goalpost archway is a perfect addition to any truss trade show displays or trade show truss systems .  This truss archway is perfect for stretching a tension fabric banner over and using for hanging company signage and company banners.  This truss archway can also be used to hang lights on for lighting truss manufacturers and as a mobile DJ archway. This truss archway system is best used for lightweight applications and exhibitions. Compact Truss Arch Systems are a lightweight, and cost effective way to have a professional setup for any application.

Kit: A41-103 / Truss Entranceway Archway Systems
10" Wide Aluminum Truss • 2" Chords / 1/2" Webs

Approximate Kit Weight = 110 lbs

The Best Aluminum Truss Systems to Advertise Your Products

Exhibit and Display Truss and Light Design Systems offers a wide range of in stock aluminum truss kits and exhibit kits. All of our truss systems can be made with box (square) truss, triangle truss, and ladder (flat) truss. If you require standard dimensions for a truss system or cant find what you are looking for out of our standard selection, please don’t hesitate to contact our helpful customer service staff about custom truss fabrication. We can fabricate any dimension of truss that you require at no extra charge. Make sure to get exactly what you are looking for and don’t settle for less! Design a modular aluminum truss system that will last.

Aluminum truss is the best product for trade show displays, finish lines, and display truss. Aluminum truss is lightweight and portable, making it extremely easy to transport from venue to venue. Aluminum truss is also durable and fast and easy to set up at trade shows and at event sites. Ladder truss and Triangle truss nest together for cost effective packing and shipping. Be sure to check out our flat packing truss!

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