Truss Kits for Trade Show Exhibits and Display Booths. Portable Exhibitor Display KiosksBanners, Signs, Signage and Media Frames Kit A45-102 / Tower Banner Display Triangular Display

Aluminum Truss Banner Towers and Tower Banner Display A45-102

Banner Tower A45-102. This truss tower banner display is a triangular display which is a simple solution for building out trade show displays. One of these can be put in a corner of a trade show booth area and decorated with banners and TV Mounts and monitor mounts. Most of our truss tower displays are made from ladder truss, or flat truss, which flat packs into a small, manageable pile that is easy to store and transport. Exhibit Columns and Pillars make great additions to any trade show booth display, allowing additional company banners and signage to be shown from multiple angles to help attract visitors.  This flat packing corner exhibit column is a convenient and cost effective way to easily add banners to any trade show display, without having to erect an entire perimeter booth.

Kit A45-102 / Tower Banner Display Triangular Display
10" Wide Aluminum Truss • 2" Chords / 1/2" Webs

Approximate Kit Weight = 100 lbs

Exhibit Columns and Pillars to Conveniently add Banners and Signage to your Trade Show Booth Area

Light Design Systems and Exhibit and Display Truss offer a wide range of accessories and banner stands. These can all be used independently or in conjunction with existing trade show displays. Flat packing banner towers can be scattered around a trade show booth area and be seen from multiple angles in a trade show convention hall. Flat Packing truss has many advantages. It allows truss to broken down into small piles that nest together for cost effective shipping, easy storage, and lightweight, manageable transport from venue to venue. All of our truss is fabricated from aluminum, making it further lightweight, easy to transport, and extremely durable. Don’t settle for steel truss that is heavy, sharp, and difficult to manage on site.

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