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Cost-Effective, Durable Truss Start Line for Marathons and Triathlon Race Events FL-13

Aluminum Truss Start Line FL-13.  The FL-13 is one of our most cost-effective truss finish line.  This cost-effective finish line truss systems is very portable and easy to transport and easy to set up. Triangular truss nests together for ease of packing and transport. This aluminum truss finish line has a large footprint for stability.  The FL-13 is can be used to hang sponsorship banners and company banners, as well as other finish line accessories. Add banner support arms for more start and finish line signs support. Don’t settle for inflatable finish lines that are floppy and won’t last.

Click Here to see how to Maximize your Sponsorship Banner Display on Finish Line Banner Structure.

10" Wide Aluminum Truss • 2" Chords / 1/2" Webs

Approximate Kit Weight = 217 lbs

The Best Reviewed Portable Finish Lines for Marathons and Race Events

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Finish/Start line kit FL-13 race starting line.  Exhibit and Display Truss offers a wide variety of truss parts and finish line accessories. Exhibit and Display Truss stocks standard parts and race events kits and also has the ability to build custom parts and booths if your project requires unique configurations. If you cant find what you are looking for out of our standard systems or parts, do not hesitate to ask for a custom length or size. Connection inserts (and hardware) come standard with each truss part, allowing for a quick and easy assembly of your start finish line kits. Exhibit and Display Truss is the best place to buy Finish and Start Lines. We have designed finish line Structures for the Pan Am Games and many different racing events similar to IronMan. Don’t settle for start and finish line rental, and instead browse our wide range of finish line kits that can constantly be reconfigured and be long lasting.

Truss components are constructed of square, triangular or flat pieces. All of our truss structures are designed for ease of assembly and available in a number of truss designs and sizes. Our truss systems and finish line kits are constructed of durable, high-strength aluminum and steel for supporting timing clocks, Banner Frames and Sign Frames, lights and other finish line accessories. All accessories can be attached with clamps and mounting hardware available here.

How to Build  Finish Line Truss Systems

All 10″ Wide Aluminum Truss parts (2″ Chord/Tube Diameter) use a 2″ tube connection insert system.  The 2″ Tube Connection System fits all 10″, 12″, 18″ and 24″ Inch Wide Truss Parts. All insert spigots are made with 6061-T6 (SS) Aluminum. The 2″ chord truss connecting system is a simple insert secured with a M10 Nylock nut and bolt with 17mm wrenches. It is a strong, reliable, and easy to use method of assembly. For a very fast set up without any tools, quick clips can be used instead of the standard nuts and bolts.

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