Clamps and Mounting Hardware for Aluminum Truss Exhibition Exhibits and Display Booth SystemsAluminum Truss for Trade Show Display Booths and Convention Hall Exhibits 2″ Extender Hook Clamps / Attaching Truss and Accessories to 2″ Tube

Attach Accessories and Solve Difficult Attachment problems with Extender Hook Clamps

Truss Extender Hook Clamps are a great accessory for any aluminum truss system. Extender hook clamps swivel and rotate, solving complex connection problems sand angles.  Extender hook clamps are also common with finish line kits and Outrigger Arms for quick setup on uneven terrain.  They are also used for attaching truss accessories, trade show accessories, and company banners.  Extender Hooks Clamps are perfect for adding extra pieces of truss or cross beams to your structure. Extender Hooks are available in standard lengths (HA1, HA2, HA3, HA4) depending on the exhibit booth size and truss size. Custom lengths can also be fabricated to suit your needs.  A perfect and versatile tool for attaching additional truss and accessories to any trade show truss structure. Contact us for details regarding clamp size and price.

2″ Extender Hook Clamps / Attaching Truss and Accessories to 2″ Tube

Standard Truss Lengths

*Custom lengths available upon request


Part #


Extender Hooks for 2"Ø Tube
Extender Hooks for 2"Ø Tube
Extender Hooks for 2"Ø Tube
Extender Hooks for 2"Ø Tube
Made for 2"Ø Tube
Made with 6061-T6 (SS) Aluminum

Hang banners, LCD TVs, signage, and lighting with ease. Add durability to your truss display.

Extender Hook Clamps swivel, rotate, and angle, and solving difficult attachment problems. Extender hook Clamps can also be used to attach banner frames and single tube braces to existing truss structures.

We offer a variety of truss products, mounts, clips, and clamps for attaching accessories, banner frames, and adding extra support to your trade show truss systems. All of our clamps and mounting hardware are easy and quick to use.  All of our clamps are available for any exhibitor display truss, whether you are working with 2″ chords/tubes or 1″ chords/tubes.  We also offer outrigger arms for added support for your start/finish line kits, truss trade show systems, and truss archways. All difficult attachment problems can be solved.

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