Triangular Truss

Triangular Truss Profile

Triangular Truss Profile consists of 3 Chords
Triangular Truss Profile consists of 3 Chords. Triangle truss offers more durability than 2 Chord Ladder truss, ideal for longer spans and larger display truss booths

2 Chord Ladder (Flat) Truss    |    4 Chord Box (Square) Truss

A triangular truss profile consists of 3 Chords (larger, outer, longitudinal tube), with welded webbing in-between connecting the three Chords together. Triangular truss has more strength and durability that flat ladder truss because of the added tube and is more cost-effective than  box (square) truss. Triangle truss also nests together when packing up, making it easy and cost-effective to transport. Triangle truss is perfect for trade show displays requiring more strength and stability, usually larger truss kits with longer spans and stage truss. When working with triangle truss, the apex can be oriented either Apex Up, Apex Down, Apex In, or Apex Out.

We offer 6 triangle truss, 10″ wide, 12″ wide, 18″ wide, and 24″ wide triangle truss. Almost all of our standard trade show displays and display truss kits are offered in triangular truss design as well.