Aluminum Truss for Trade Show Display Booths and Convention Hall ExhibitsAluminum Base Plates for Exhibition Exhibit Truss and Trussing Display Booths Oversize Aluminum Base Plates / Available for all Profiles Shapes and Sizes for Added Stability

Oversize Aluminum Base Plates

Available for all Profiles Shapes and Sizes for Added Stability

Oversize base plates are used for structures that require a more stable footprint, such as truss arches, entranceways in an aluminum truss display, and lengths of the truss that support signage and LCD Screens. All of our oversize base plates are made from lightweight aluminum, which are easy to carry and move around, while providing durable support. Don’t settle for a steel truss base plate that are heavy and sharp. Oversized aluminum base plates are available for 6″, 9″, 10″, 12″, 18″, and 24″ wide aluminum truss, and also available for box truss, triangle truss base plate, ladder truss. We can customize any base plate and fabricate any specialty plate to suit your needs. The most common oversized base plate sizes are 14″x48″ and 24″x24″. Click below for standard base plates.

|  6″ Wide Standard Base Plates   |   10″ Wide Standard Base Plates   |   12″ Wide Standard Plates   |   Custom Base Plates


Oversize Aluminum Base Plates / Available for all Profiles Shapes and Sizes for Added Stability
Available for any width or size of truss. Also available for ladder, triangle, and box truss.

The Best Place for Truss Exhibit Displays and Truss Accessories

All of our Trade Show Truss Systems are fabricated with the best materials and professionally crafted to provided a lifetime of operation. If you cant find what you are looking for, we can custom fabricate parts to suit your needs.

Exhibit and Display Truss offers a wide variety of aluminum truss parts and exhibit display booth designs. Exhibit and Display Truss has the ability to build custom parts and kiosk designs if your project requires unique configurations. 1″ and 2″ tube connection inserts (and hardware) come standard with each truss part, allowing for a quick and easy assembly.

Truss components are constructed of square, triangular or flat pieces. Exhibit and Display Truss offers three different truss profiles, 10 inch, 12 inch and 6 inch display trusses. All of our truss structures are designed for ease of assembly and available in a number of designs and sizes. Our tradeshow tabletop displays are constructed of durable, high-strength aluminum and steel for supporting LCD or plasma screen mounts, banner stands and sign frames, lighting truss displays and other marketing accessories and advertising. Aluminum truss is the perfect choice for modular aluminum truss systemsperimeter booths, portable archways, finish lines and truss starting lines, lecterns and podiums, and just about anything you can think of. Let us create your beautiful displays today!

Assembling Truss Displays

Our truss display booths are designed to be set up fast and easy. Our truss systems use either a 2″ tube connection insert system or a 1″ tube connection insert system. For a very fast set up without any tools, quick clips can be used instead of the standard nuts and bolts for any truss system using 2″ chord/tube size.

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