3 Chord / Triangle Truss

12″ Wide Aluminum Triangle Truss Parts

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Important Information Regarding Apex Orientations for Triangle Truss

12″ wide aluminum triangle truss consists of 2 chords/tubes at 2″ diameter. The 2″ tube/chord diameter gives more strength and bolder appearance.  This is our most popular choice for designing trade show booth kits.  Even though this is larger than our 1″ Chord size, it is still makes all aluminum truss parts extremely lightweight and easy to transport to trade conventions. 12″ Wide aluminum truss can support and hang almost anything, whether its LCD TVs and monitors and hanging custom graphics and banners, we have a wide variety of clamps to make this possible. 12″ wide is one of our larger truss profile sizes, and has more mass and more durability. Triangle truss is the most cost effective way to design and build Exhibit Truss Systems.  Triangle truss provides more stability than 2 Chord ladder (flat) truss and therefore can cover longer spans. Triangle truss is also able to nest together when packing, allowing it to pack down to a smaller pile. All of our aluminum truss parts are modular, and display truss booths can constantly be expanded or downsized by adding or taking away parts. All of our aluminum truss parts come standard with inserts and hardware, so there is no need to order the inserts.  All of the parts below come with instructional Youtube Videos.

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