Truss Kits

Truss Kits

Truss Kits are modular truss display that are lightweight and easy truss to transport when made from aluminum truss. LDS offers a wide range of standard truss kits, that take the form of

Truss Archways and Banner Stands    |    Finish and Start Line Kits

Aluminum metal truss kits can be used for finish lines, archways, entranceways, truss lighting, trade show truss systems, and just about anything you can imagine. Truss kits make good photography backdrops, banner stands, museum displays, and stage truss.

Truss Kits including Finish Line Kits and Trade Show Systems
Aluminum Truss Kits and Trade Show Displays. Easy truss to set up and take down.

Our aluminum display truss kits are all easy and fast to set up and take down. A set of inserts is included with all of our truss components. There is also the option of quick clips for a tool free assembly and even faster assembly. Our durable aluminum truss trade show displays are made to last and be reconfigured into different shapes and sizes as time goes on. Aluminum truss is the best choice for trade show designs because of its strength, durability, and profession high tech look. Our displays have been featured at shows and race events around the world.