Display Truss

Display Truss

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Display Truss refers to aluminum truss used to create trade show displays, products displays, and other display opportunities such as museum truss displays. LDS offers a wide variety of modular aluminum truss components to build truss kits that can be continuously modified and reconfigured for future uses. Display truss can be used to hold truss lighting truss and stage truss, can hold banners, shelves and racks, LED TVs and LCD TVs mounts.

Display Truss for Trade Show Displays and Product Displays
Display Truss for Trade Show Displays and Product Displays. Display Truss used for an auto show.

Aluminum Truss is the best choice for Truss Display Systems. Aluminum Truss is lightweight, and easy to transport. We offer a wide range of truss accessories for the truss tubes, which can be used for further promotion for displaying products and company information. Our aluminum truss compliments company products and information and gives a professional look to any trade show display.